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If you’re seeking advice on how to get rid of stagnant, stale air, the typical advice is to open your windows. In NYC where there are several buildings sealed off it’s not an alternative! It’s true that sealed buildings cause the issue. The cause of stuffy air is usually due to inadequate ventilation, poor air flow and, sometimes, air quality problems, which all typically occur in buildings that are sealed.

An HVAC system is everybody’s need. When a business owner or a homeowner wants a Reliable Heating And Air Conditioning System, they do not waste their time pondering over whom to call because they rely on AC Repair Techs. When it comes to air conditioning and heating system, we respect you, we respect your time, and, most importantly, we respect the trust that you put in us to keep your home comfortable.

What can you do to create cleaner, more pleasant (and more healthy) air inside your business or home?

5 HVAC ways to rid yourself of the stench when you aren’t able to open a door

1. Add air conditioning units for make-up.

If your room isn’t equipped with adequate ventilation, the result could be a stuffy atmosphere that gets worse with time. One solution is to put in what’s known as the MAKE-UP air unit. What is make up air? Simply put, a made up air system draws air from the outside and tidies it according to the temperature inside.

Make-up air units are especially useful in commercial areas, and sometimes even in kitchens in homes, which have large exhaust systems. Make-up air is a source of air to replace the air taken out of the room through your exhaust systems. They create a balanced air circulation atmosphere that aids in getting rid of air that is stale smells, unpleasant odors and signs of an unbalanced pressure (like doors closing and drafts).

2. Fix air distribution problems

Have you had your home updated at some point without upgrading your HVAC system? Are the uses and pattern of occupancy changed?

If yes, it’s likely you’re HVAC distribution system can benefit from some design modifications.

For instance, the ducts that your home runs might not be the best for the area as it is installed and utilized today. This could result in unsteady and humid air, inadequate humidity and temperature control, or even inconsistent conditions across the area.

Affordable HVAC Repair experts can alter the routing of return and air supply vents (and registers) to eliminate stale air, boost ventilation and improve the comfort of your home.

3. Eliminate contaminants and purify the air.

Do the stale air that fills your space also carry an unpleasant smell? If yes, you could have a problem that extends beyond your comfort and may influence your health.

Odors may indicate that the air contains high levels of hazardous contaminants. The reason could be the result of the growth of mold inside the HVAC ducts or VOCs from building materials or cleaning products.

If you’re experiencing mold, it’s best spend money on Duct Cleaning Service and Mold REMEDY.

In the case of VOCs or other pollutants, AIR PURIFIERS are a great help. They also lower the chance of spreading Covid-19 throughout your home.

4. Address humidity

If there is excessive humidity present in the air (a.k.a. humidity) it can make the air feel suffocating and uncomfortablely sticky.

It is possible to wonder how humidity can enter the walls of a closed structure. However, even if windows aren’t opening older structures may not be as airtight. This means that humidity can seep through every tiny crevice or crack. Additionally, certain indoor spaces produce more humid conditions, including fitness centers, spas or commercial kitchens. Then it becomes difficult to eliminate it.

Begin by ensuring that the air conditioner you have installed is sized correctly. If the unit is large capacity, it might struggle to eliminate humidity since it’s not running for long enough. If you’re considering replacing an air conditioner think about VRF technology, which has the ability to run a variable speed compressor, which is more effective in managing humidity.

If you live in a very humid area, think about the addition of a dehumidifier into the system of air conditioning to ensure greater control of humidity in your HVAC.

5. Keep track of your HVAC maintenance

The proper flow of air in your HVAC is vital not just to avoid congestion in the air, but to ensure the efficient running of the HVAC system.

There are many ways for air flow to be impaired, such as blocked filters or dirty coils, obstructions, and problems with the fan within the system.

Making sure that your air conditioning and heating equipment regularly serviced (yearly at an average) ensures your equipment is in good working order and avoids air flow issues.

This is the most ideal situation for getting rid of the air that is stale and choppy… It’s an affordable option to breathe better and feel more comfortable.


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