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When it comes to constructing an outdoor pool, one the most important things to consider is whether the property is situated on a slope or hill. If you’re fortunate enough to have some elevation on your property and you’re considering whether you can build a pool on a hill. Yes, it is – however there are some factors you’ll need to take into consideration before you begin the construction. HiPools is your local pool builder in Houston, TX to address your indoor pool and inground pool construction needs by Custom Pool Builder. 

1. Alternatives for constructing an Pool on the Hillside or Slope

One of the first aspects you’ll have to consider is how to integrate the slope or hill in your pool design. There are several choices available:

  • Retaining WallsIf your hill has slightly gentle slope, you might be able to build an retaining wall that will make sure that the slope is level where the hillside pool is constructed. This is a cost-effective option and could give you a little more space to accommodate things like seats or landscaping.
  • Infinity pools: If you’re looking to add a touch of luxuriousness to your pool on the hill it might be beneficial to consider an infinity swimming pool. Infinity pools are constructed to create the illusion that they extend beyond the beyond the horizon. They are often constructed on hills or on steep slopes, so that the water can flow across one edge , and then appear to disappear into the distance.
  • Terracing Another method of including a hill into the design of your pool is to use using terracing. This is the process of creating different levels in your pool with retaining walls, or other methods. This will create visual interest and interest to your pool while offering a place to enjoy swimming and taking a break.

2. Terrain

In reality, the kind of terrain you’re in will play a significant role in determining which option is the best for you. If you’ve got a hill that is sandy such as this it might be simpler to level it for a traditional swimming pool. If the hill is very rocky or has lots of vegetation,, it may be necessary to perform more clearing and clearing prior to beginning the construction.

3. Budget

It’s always wise to remember that making a pool in an incline or hill could generally be more costly as compared to building one on level ground. This is because an additional excavation and grading could be needed. If you’re on an affordable budget, it might be a good idea to think about a simpler design for your pool. If you hire the Above Ground Pool Builder Houston, they will build a nice and stylish small swimming pool according to your budget.

4. Drainage

Another important aspect to take into consideration when building a pool on a hill is drainage. Because the water will flow downhill, you must ensure that the pool is draining properly to avoid leaks or flooding. You’ll have to collaborate with a professional to make sure your swimming pool equipped with the correct filters and pumps.

5. Additional Features

If you are planning the hillside area for your pool it is possible that you decide to include other elements. A seating ledge, for example are a great place to sit and take in the views. A multi-level patio may create interest and appeal. If you’re concerned about privacy, you might think about adding an enclosure or other type of security measures.

6. Time

The construction of a pool in a slope or on a hill could take longer than building one on flat ground. This is because more excavation and grading could be needed. If you’re planning on installing an outdoor pool before the summer months, you must consider getting started early.

How HiPool Helps

If you’re considering constructing an outdoor pool on a hill or slope, the experts from Swimming Pool Builder Houston can help. They’ve had experience developing and building pools for every kind of difficult location they know how to conquer any obstruction. Contact them today to find out more about our services.


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