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If you’re in the midst of making changes to your kitchen perhaps you’re wondering which style of design you’d like to adopt. Although modern kitchens are all trendy, you might want something more traditional in a kitchen ? And there’s no better option to make than a kitchen with a Spanish style! With its warm hues and inviting aesthetic A kitchen with a Spanish style is the perfect design choice when you’re looking to create a space that makes your friends and family are comfortable. If you are looking for a spanish style kitchen remodeler in San Jose? If so, then look no further than the Kitchen Remodeling in San Jose. San Jose Reliable Kitchen Remodeling is dedicated to providing their clients with innovative designs that will transform their kitchens into beautiful spaces they can enjoy every day.

What are the first steps with the design of a kitchen that is Spanish-inspired? Combining these warm hues and eclectic patterns can be more complex than it appears so that’s the reason we’ve created an assortment of our top Spanish-inspired kitchens to show how you can create a warm and inviting living space within your home.

Terracotta Tiles

Nothing says Spanish style and décor like terracotta tiles! Utilizing these tiles is a fun method to add warmth to the space. Spanish decor often flaunts natural and earthy hues that connect you to the natural world, and terracotta is a great example of this! If you design a stunning flooring using terracotta tiles that are textured or use them for your countertops or backsplash in your kitchen, you’ll be in a kitchen that is full of old-world Spanish elegance.

Wooden Beams

One of our favorite ways to make a traditional Spanish kitchen is to incorporate wooden beams into the ceiling. Warm wood colors create an inviting atmosphere, while the design draws the eye across the space. The beams made of wood can be utilized in a variety of ways, from standard beams on an otherwise bare ceiling, to adding them as an accent to the vaulted ceiling. There’s no simpler method to create a stunning Spanish-style room than by starting with wooden beams.

Patterned Backsplash

Textures and patterns are a significant aspect of what makes Spanish style so varied and vibrant ? and are among the most effective methods to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen! Use your backsplash as the focal point of your kitchen by picking an attractive tile or funky pattern. From patterns to textured tiles to colored ones, you have an endless variety to choose from! When you decide to put up hand-painted tiles that has intricate design work arrange your tile in a distinct pattern or select a stunning color choice There are a variety of ways to create a focal point using your tile backdrop. If you need Kitchen Backsplash Installation Services in San Jose, turn to professionals at San Jose Reliable Kitchen Remodeling. They have helped over a thousand people just like you find the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash Installation Contractors to fit their needs.

Open Shelving

The kitchen is the heart for your house. By choosing a style that is Spanish-inspired, you to create an atmosphere that isn’t sterile which makes your kitchen comfortable, welcoming, and lived-in. Instead of closing off various parts of your kitchen, create open shelving using natural wood. It lets you display traditional decor elements tying back towards that Spanish style. This allows you to infuse your own personality in the room with the use of vibrant colors and accessories such as water jugs and vases, stone sculptures and more.

Bold Colors

One of the distinctive aspects of a Spanish kitchen style is the use of vibrant and bold colors that are used throughout the different elements within the kitchen. Instead of picking a singular statement color in the traditional style, the Spanish style suggests that you weave together several colors to brighten the space. There are many ways you can incorporate these colors to your interior through cabinets, flooring, backsplash as well as small accents like area rugs or glassware.


A decorative element quite common in Spanish-style kitchens is an archway that is rounded. It can be used as the entrance to the kitchen, in front of the stove top, or close to the sink. An archway gives your kitchen a certain elegance and instantly identify it as a Spanish style. Remember that your archway does not have to be perfectly round! Feel free to show off your individuality by designing an archway with a bold design.

Wood Elements

Utilizing dark wood materials such as walnut is a standard way to accentuate the beauty of a Spanish style kitchen. If you decide to add dark wood kitchen cabinets , or incorporate the wood tones as your accent pieces such as open shelving, wood beams seating, or a the range hood, both your guests and you will be amazed by the end result. The dark wood looks great with vibrant, eclectic colors often found in the kitchen’s flooring or backsplash.


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