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Are you dissatisfied by the weak flush power of your toilet, or searching for the top high-pressure toilet for your home? If you’ve noticed that your are constantly clogged with drains or require flushing two times to flush everything out the toilet, a high-power toilet may be the answer.

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Learn more about the benefits of a high-power flush as well as the best way to decide if purchasing one is the right choice for you.

Types of high-power toilets

There are four varieties of high-power toilets designed for the domestic market. All of them have one feature in common: they have greater flushing power than the normal gravity-assisted toilet.

The high-powered toilets are here available to pick from:

  • Pressure-assisted. Move up one level from an assisted gravity toilet by getting a toilet that makes use of compressed air to add power to your flush without the need for water. They are generally slightly louder and could cost a lot.
  • Double Cyclone and Tornado Flush. Created through the firm Toto the toilets both use pressure-driven jets on high up in the bowl. Two nozzles are for the Double Cyclone and three on the Tornado the jets produce a powerful flush that helps push the waste away and assists in cleaning the bowl.
  • Double Vortex. The Double Vortex is found inside American Standard brand toilets, the Double Vortex is also equipped with jets to produce an even more effective flush. The water comes from two nozzles located at the top of the bowl as well as the drain, moving in both directions at the same time for a more powerful flow.
  • Siphon Jet. What exactly is a siphon jet flush toilet? It’s a smaller reservoir tank you can connect to other flush systems. The water is released by the use of a vacuum to boost the effectiveness of the flush.

How to increase your toilet’s Flushing Power

Learning how to boost toilet flush power can keep you from needing to purchase a new toilet. Although you aren’t able to retrofit your existing toilet with a low flow due to the design keeping what you have can boost the power of your current flush. Here are some ways to ensure a consistent flow rate:

  • Look for obstructions. If the low flow is because of clogging in your pipes, you can clear your drain prior to you decide replacing your bathroom. Check the drain of your toilet for obstructions as well. Drain Pro provide qualified drain pipes cleaning services UAE. Their professional plumbers make sure never to deceive you while working. You can contact them before booking an appointment.
  • Adjust the tank’s float. Inspect the tank of your toilet and then check the water level. If it’s not high, there may there not be sufficient water available to flush in the manner you want to! Set the length of the float valve to fit between the minimum and maximum of the tank.
  • Clean the jets on the rim. The jets released by water as you flush become blocked by mineral buildup — which happens with time, clean the buildup using a thin wire. Unbend a coat hanger made of wire to make a simple tool at home.
  • Use vinegar and baking soda toilet tank soaks. You’ll need around 1 half a cup of vinegar white. Inside your toilet locate the rubber hose to the overflow valve. Keep the tube in the tank, you can run the funnel along its length to allow you to pour it effortlessly. Pour the vinegar in the tubing, and allow it to rest for around 15 minutes. Add baking soda, a small amount at one time until it begins making a sound. Allow the toilet to rest for 2 hours without flushing, and then flush it to check whether the flow has improved.
  • Replace a broken or damaged flush valve. Locate the valve for flushing in the bottom of your toilet tank. It’s the valve that opens when you flush to let out water. Try jiggling the handle in case you don’t locate it. A damaged or cracked flush valve may reduce the the power of flushing.

If you want to test the color, pour some drops of colorant in the tank of your toilet. If the color seeps into the water inside the toilet, the flush valve isn’t sealing correctly and must be replaced.

After trying everything, but you’re still not getting the power you want then it’s time to search for the best toilet. If you decide to purchase an upgraded high-power toilet we can assist with toilet installation.

How to convert a low-flow toilet to High-Flow

It’s not feasible to convert a toilet with low flow into a high-flow pressure-assisted toilet. The only way to do this is to change an old gravity-flush toilet by one that is pressure-assisted.

The decision to go with low-flush power might Help You

If you’ve not had any issues with your flushesthen using a toilet with a low flush can aid in conserving water (as as you don’t end up needing to flush twice). There are many water-saving toilets that have lower power, but they won’t make you feel like you’re only flushing half. A high-efficiency toilet is an excellent way to use less water and still get everything flushed. Dual flush toilet that provides the “half flush” option for liquid waste, and an “full flush” for solid waste. Choose an ordinary gravity-assisted model, in case that design doesn’t cause you any problems.

Upgrade to a more powerful Flush

Since more powerful flushes make waste move further and more quickly High-power flushes may help to eliminate or reduce blockages. They can also help make the septic tanks and sewer lines healthy, which makes back-ups more unlikely.

If you typically need to flush twice, or you find yourself using the plunger more frequently call your local plumbing company UAE for excellent as well as Professional Local Plumbing Services all over UAE.


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