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We, as homeowners would like the bathrooms we use to appear fresh and clean. If you’re in the unfortunate position of having hard water, sometimes mineral reactions can cause ugly red stains that can make it appear like you haven’t cleaned your bathroom for several weeks. If you want a reliable team to repair your bathroom sink or get rid from rust staining in your bathroom or leaking kitchen sinks, Drain Pro has just that to offer. With years of experience in the field of kitchen repair and installation, at Drain Pro know exactly how to repair and maintain any part of your bathroom. Kitchen Sink Repair Dubai requires the skill and experience only possessed by professional repair technicians in Dubai. So, don’t toss in your towel to clean it but yet, as there’s an option to get rid of the unsightly rusty stains that are a nuisance from your toilet, sink, and bathtub.

How to get Rid from Rust staining in your Bathroom

Are you tired of the rust-colored stains that have accumulated in your bathroom? Below are some DIY ways to get rid of rust-colored stains from sinks tubs, toilets, and sinks bowls:

lemon juice and salt: Start by making a thick paste using the household ingredients and then apply it on the surface that has rusted. Allow the paste to dry over several hours or over night before beginning to scrub. Utilize a toothbrush for scrubbing the area. Then wash the area with pure water.

Pumice Stone: Natural and non-scratch option for your porcelain stained surfaces is the pumice stone. Simply moisten the stone along with the affected surface, and start gently rubbing. If you’re dealing with fiberglass, avoid using pumice stones as they can damage the fiberglass. There are alternative more gentle methods to employ to deal with stains on fiberglass.

Scouring Pad: For lighter stains, using a scouring pad along with some elbow grease can be used to get rid of the stain. Don’t ever use any kind of abrasive material to remove the stains of fiberglass because it could cause scratches to the surfaces.

Chemical cleaners: There are many chemical cleaners made to eliminate rust staining from the sink, bathtubs, and toilet bowls. They are able to oxidize the rust, and will make the stain easier to remove with the help of a damp cloth. However, some cleaners have harsh chemicals that create fumes that a lot of homeowners would prefer not to breathe in particularly for those who have small children and pets.

How do you remove rust from Bathroom Fixtures

Although they’re intended to be constantly in touch with water showerheads and faucets are still susceptible to rust staining and to mineral build-up. With a little, routine maintenance, you can minimize mineral buildup and rust, and ensure that your showerheads and faucets are functioning smoothly. If you want to get your toilet plumbing fixed or maintained, Drain Pro is without any doubt the best company in Dubai to do it for you. Their experts at Drain Pro have specialized in the art, making sure to perform the Best Toilet Plumbing Dubai Services till you are satisfied with the job. Their services are available twenty-four-seven, in cases of emergency or not. 

Vinegar: This multi-purpose household cleaner is perfect to keep your faucets and shower heads clean. Put three parts of white vinegar, and one part water into an aerosol bottle. Apply generously with the solution and allow it sit for a while so that the vinegar is able to break down the mineral buildup and the rust. After that, using a light rough scouring pad, rub the buildup off. It is also possible to take off the showerhead and soak in vinegar prior to scrub.

Baking soda: This powder can be combined with water to create the form of a paste. Apply the paste onto the stain and let it sit for at least an hour, before gently rubbing using a pad that is slightly abrasive. This should help take away any mineral and rust buildup.

Help to prevent Rust Stains in the Toilets and throughout the Bathroom

The bathroom is the ideal location for rust to develop However, there are some ways to prevent it from happening to minimize or even remove rust-colored staining.

Clean frequently: Cleaning methods described above on a regular basis for showerheads and faucets will help keep rust staining out. Clean your tub using a towel, or squeeze the shower wall after you use them to avoid the rust and hard water stain from becoming. Make sure to clean your sinks and toilets regularly to avoid any build-up of rust. Get rid of all the metal toiletries – shaving razors, cream containers, etc.–from the shower to avoid corrosion, which causes corrosion.

Make an investment on a water softener: Installing an water softener or filtering system at home can significantly decrease the mineral content of your water. This eases the entire plumbing system and reduces the risk of corrosion, and enhances the flavor and smell of your water. While there’s an initial cost that is costly, it will eventually be able to pay for itself and can save you lots of time as it won’t require you to clean and scrub your toilets, sinks, and showers every week.

Stop Rust Stains from getting to Bay by using Drain Pro Plumbing

Rust can be a glaring eyesore and the constant effort of clearing it away can be exhausting. However, it can cause more problems with your plumbing systems. For more information on the best ways to handle hard water issues, and methods to improve your water quality, get in touch with the Local Plumbing Company Duabi. They assist hundreds of homeowners to clean their water using filtration systems or water softening system.


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