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Although the water in your pool will alter throughout the year, summer months in Ain Ajman, when temperatures are the highest when your water is the most susceptible to getting filthy due to the buildup of algae. That’s when our clients are most likely to require our services to clean their pools. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to have some tips on cleaning the pool up your sleeve!

There’s no doubt that everyone doesn’t like swimming in a pool that is green. Why should you have to deal with the discomfort caused from algae growing in your pool this year when you could quickly and easily get rid of it? How? The first step is to discover the reasons the reason algae exist in the first in the first place. Once you’ve found the reason it’s time to alter what it is you’re performing (or or not doing) which is creating the green pool.

Change the method you use to add chlorine

If you’re not a professional in pool cleaning, such as our staff at The Butler likely not aware of the impact the sun can influence chlorine.

If exposed to sunlight in the course of time, chlorine is prone to breakdown that can significantly diminish its effectiveness in getting rid of the algae as well as other bacteria. It is vital to add sufficient amounts of chlorine to your pool on a regular basis.

But, it is important to exercise cautiously when using these chemicals since excessive chlorine could cause chemical burns and other skin conditions. If you don’t want to risk problems with chlorine it’s an excellent idea to speak with a pool services business in Ain Ajman to alter your chemical to make sure you are safe.

One method of reducing the speed at which chlorine is broken down is to put on solar blankets even when the pool isn’t being used. Like a visor that you could put on the windshield of your car the solar blanket blocks the sun’s rays from your water. If there is less direct sunlight it will be easier to maintain the pool’s chlorine, which saves your time and money.

Use the right products

A trap that many owners of pools are caught in when fighting algae buildup is to clean their pool using the wrong chemicals.

For example, certain pool owners might be tempted to purchase shocks for their pools when the chlorine levels are low. However, even though this could be able to kill algae, algae must be properly removed to cleanse the pool and stop further growth. Learn more about shock your swimming pool for algae removal.

Test Your Swimming Pool To Find Phosphates

While phosphates will always be present in the water of your pool If levels become excessively high, it could be nearly impossible to maintain your pool clean. Phosphates feed algae and when there is foodavailable, algae can be found.

It’s an excellent option to get your swimming pool checked for irregular levels of phosphate by an expert from a pool service firm. Professionals will have the appropriate equipment to test your water and fix the problem to ensure that your pool’s water is sparkling clean.

If you are in doubt, call The Pool Butler

If you’ve had problems keeping your pool’s water free of algae this summer, is the time for you to make contact with Pool Contractors. Our skilled technicians have seen everything. They have the expertise and expertise to keep your pool in good condition and operating at its peak.

Look through other pages on our site to find out more about the we can offer for your swimming pool. It doesn’t matter if it’s cleaning your pool, repair or even routine swimming maintenance you’re looking for, Pool Contractors has you covered. We also have a blog for more tips on cleaning your pool.

We’ve been providing services to Ain Ajman and the surrounding communities for a long time and have a large number of happy customers. Check out the testimonials to hear the opinions of real customers on who have a reason to believe that Pool Contractors is the best pool maintenance company across the Southeast.


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