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It’s normal to want defend your parents. In the end, they’ve have raised you. However, does your desire to assist Mom and Dad go beyond buying them life insurance? It could. However, you cannot present them with the gift of an insurance policy for life. You’ll need their approval to purchase insurance on them. You might also have to prove that you’d be financially affected if they died, for instance, if you get financial support from them.

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Do You or Your Parents Need Life Insurance?

Your parents may not think they require life insurance. If someone is going to be affected financially in the event of their death it’s worth looking into. Here are a few ways in which life insurance may alleviate financial burdens after the death of a parent.

  • The coverage of last expenses. When you think of expenses for the end of your life typically, you imagine costs associated with funerals of parents. However, a payout under an insurance policy for life could be used to pay off a parent’s remaining medical bills , or any other debts.
  • Leave an inheritance. Aside from covering the final costs the life insurance payout may allow the beneficiary to, for instance give money to a cause they love or aid in getting their grandchildren through college.
  • Boosting retirement income. Let’s say your dad dies before your mom does. While he was alive, Dad received a pension. However, it was his plan’s rules that state that his pension benefits expire after the time of his death, which leaves Mom without a sources of revenue. The cash payout from Dad’s life insurance policy could cover part or all the pension benefits.
  • The policy provides the benefit of early dying. Some life insurance policies include “living benefits” which allow a portion or all of the insurance policy’s death benefits to to pay for medical expenses of the insured while they’re alive. For instance, accelerated death benefits let people withdraw money from their death benefit in the event that they’re seriously in a serious condition.

Alternatives for parents’ life insurance

The options available for life insurance depend on the age of your parents and their health. The options and cost decrease as you the aging process and health issues.

Life insurance with a term

Life insurance for term is a specific amount of time, like five, 10, or 20 years. The insurance coverage expires at the time that the term of the policy expires. One benefit of life insurance for term is that it is priced lower than other kinds that offer life insurance. The term life insurance is ideal if the primary goal is to cover the duration of a mortgage or other debts, or the replacement of income when a parent dies.

Whole or universal life insurance

Life insurance with universal coverage and full life insurance are choices for parents who wish to have life insurance coverage regardless of the time they die. They are also able to create cash value, however it could take a long time depending on the policy to accumulate any cash value of any size.

The types of life insurance will cover the parent’s last expenses, or allow the parents to donate funds to charities or their heirs. It’s more expensive than term life insurance, however, you will receive the death benefit no matter the time that a parent dies.

Life insurance with guaranteed issue

The Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance does not require the need for a medical examination and cannot be denied It’s a viable option for parents who aren’t eligible in traditional insurance because of health problems. However, this is one of the more expensive options to purchase life insurance.

The death payouts from guaranteed issue insurance tend to be extremely low, ranging from $10,000 to $25,000. Furthermore, if an insured person dies due to something not related to an accident it’s generally an in-between period of between one and two years before the beneficiary is eligible for the entire amount from the guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

Life insurance with a final cost

Final cost, also known as Funeral Insurance for Seniors living in Los Angeles, can help pay funeral expenses and medical expenses. It’s a life insurance policy that pays one small amount in the event of death for the insured.

How do you purchase Life Insurance for Your Parents?

Though you might want to gift Life insurance for your parents but it’s so simple.

In the first place, you need the permission of your parent before you buy a policy to insure the policy. This includes that a parent’s signature is required on the application.

A parent should have the willingness to undergo the process of applying. For example, if the insurer demands an examination for parents to be insured, parents or mom will need to consent to it. It is important to note that the parent insured will have to answer the questions of application by themselves.

In addition, you have to be able to prove that you are a person with the “insurable or insurable.” In other words, you have to prove that you’d be in financial trouble should the parent who is insured die. In general, children have insurable interests on their parents.

Fortunately, the death benefits of the life insurance policy can be tax-free for the beneficiary. A child of adulthood could be both the policy holder (who is responsible for paying for the policy’s premiums) as well as the beneficiary.

Always, you should take a look at quotes and benefits from various insurance companies, no matter what type of life insurance policy you’re looking to purchase. Be sure to check at the financial stability of the company so that you have assurance that the company is able to cover all future claims.


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