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Have you tried turning off your AC only to have it to shut off the circuit breaker? Do tried turning it and then see it repeat the same thing first of all, it is not advisable to switch the breaker on. It is important to remember that the circuit breaker was designed to protect your appliance and home from damage. If the circuit breaker is tripped and it is activated, that suggests that there is a problem with your AC and the issue needs to be resolved.

The reason the air conditioner might break its circuit breaker is because it’s been running long enough, and it has been overheated. This happens to avoid the possibility of a fire. If your AC has been running for an extended period and the temperature was hot it is likely that your AC will likely be overheated. If your air conditioner ductwork is old, damaged, or not functioning properly, it can affect your comfort and energy bill. Cambria AC Repair Techs provide Efficient Air Conditioning Duct Repair in Cambria, CA by experienced and trained HVAC professionals. It might have been struggling in cooling your home because of issues. The main causes are:

Dirty Air Filter

The filthy filter impede airflow. This can cause your air conditioner be more difficult in order to move cool air. This causes your AC struggle to finish its task. Since this is the simplest fix, it should be looked at first. If you have not thought about filter replacement for a while, don’t put it off any longer. AC Filter Replacements Cambria are always ready to serve your needs. 

Dirty Condenser Coils

When was the last time you examine your air conditioner was examined? If you haven’t thought about it, Condenser coils which are dirty may be the cause. Every year, AC inspections do not just examine for problems and problems, but clean the internal components of your AC as well. If your AC is running at a high temperature enough to activate the circuit breaker You’ve likely noticed increases in price of energy.

Not enough Refrigeration

This is most likely the most unlikely reason, because refrigerant for cooling functions in a closed loop. In the instance that your unit started to leak refrigerant this is a problem which needs to be addressed immediately.


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