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Are you experiencing issues with your garage door? If your garage door isn’t working as efficiently as it did in the past it is likely to be experiencing problems. Sensors, which are located on both sides of your door play an important impact on your garage’s operation. The two components of the door, the transmitter (sends an electrical signal) and the receiver (receives the signals that shut or open the door) are in charge of ensuring an optimal performance. However, sensors could be damaged when they’re not aligned. We’ll be discussing ways to properly align the garage door’s sensors within this post.

Instructions for How Align Garage Door Sensors

Make sure to grab these tools before you place the sensors on the right side:

  • Lever
  • String
  • Screwdriver
  • Electricity-resistant gloves

It is vital for garage door’s sensors to be aligned in order to function properly and here’s how you can achieve that:

1. Unplug the Power Supply

Since this step requires working with wires, wear your electricity-resistant gloves to stay safe. When your gloves are in place remove the power source to the garage door’s sensors by shutting off the switch. In addition, you could use the breaker box in your home to turn off the fuse on garage doors.

2. Release the screws that hold the Sensors

Now comes the actual work. You’ll need loosen the screws on the mounting brackets which hold the sensors. Then, turn it in an in a counterclockwise direction until the screws are loose enough that they’re loose. Be aware that getting rid of the brackets completely isn’t recommended because you’ll need to slide them back and forth in the future. If you feel difficultes and you want to hire a professional Gate Installation Hialeah or gate repair experts.

3. Slide the Sensor downwards

It will be easier to move the bracket upwards and downwards once the screws have been loosen. Thus, use only your hands to move it down. Make sure to keep it sliding to the lowest point you can and ensure that the sensor is in the bracket during. If you make use of wrenches, they could leave scratches to the sensor, which could interfere with its functionality as well.

4. Join to the String & Tie the Knots

The next step is the primary step of the process of aligning the garage door sensors. Before you begin, check the sensors to ensure that they’re at the right position and at the height you’d like them to be. Then, tie every end around the sensors as well as their mounting brackets. The success of your method is entirely dependent on the project. Therefore, the string must be as straight as is possible.

5. Verify the String’s Level

Place your level on the floor and set it on the string. Check to see whether it is level over the entryway. Apply your level to strings for couple of minutes. Should the string be level then you can proceed to following step. If not, continue to adjust until the level indicates it is aligned.

6. Lock the Screws

If both levels are aligned perfectly in accordance with your leveler You can begin fastening the screws. It is important to tighten them to the point that the door’s sensor won’t move when you press it. After that, you should check the leveler to determine whether the sensors are in alignment.

7. Test the Sensors

Finally switch the power off and check the sensors to determine whether they are operating effortlessly. If the sensors aren’t functioning, or you’re experiencing other issues, call Gate Operator Repair Hialeah expert for your garage door opener.


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