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Shower drains that are blocked are an issue that everyone has to be faced! Showers can create hair clogs as hairs are floating through the drains and build up within the drain trap. Hair length isn’t just the reason that hair length is a problem, the accumulation of soap scum can cause issues with water flow within plumbing pipes. Small objects can be flushed down the drain when the shower cover isn’t in the right place or is damaged.

It is recommended to keep your drains clean constantly by using Drain Cleaning Services. But, despite the best of intentions, there are situations when blockages can happen. It is crucial to know the best way to handle a shower drain that is not cleaned promptly.

1. Use Boiling Water

If there’s a minor blockage in the shower’s drains it is suggested that you boil your water. This is the most straightforward method and the most efficient method to remove the obstruction. It is a good option for larger blockages in the shower when used together with the other method mentioned. Be sure to have sufficient water to put it in an empty drain from your shower.
This should at a minimum aid clean the drain. Once you’ve poured hot water down the drain, be patient for a minimum of two minutes prior to turning on the shower and determining whether this method is effective. If you’re not able to clear the obstruction, don’t fret there’s no solution to it!

2. Use Baking Soda alongside Vinegar Solution

If you’re deciding to go with chemical drain cleaners you can look into an alternative organic cleaner created with 1 cup of vinegar and baking soda. There is probably already a supply of these products in your kitchen. Natural drain cleaners are able to wash bathtub and sink, however, they may have an unpleasant smell.
Start the process beginning by pouring the warm water down the shower drain. In the event that you’ve done the first step, there’s no need to do it again.

3. Use a Cup Plunger

If the shower in your bathroom is blocked then you can try placing the plunger into the cup. A majority of bathroom owners have a plunger that is stored in a safe location that they can use to wash the shower drain.
The efficiency of this method for you is contingent on the nature of the obstruction and the position of the drainpipes. However, it’s certainly worthwhile to try it, especially when your plunger is the one you are using.
For optimal results, place an oil-based coat around the edge of the plunger. This can increase suction once you are able to plunge your shower drain.

4. Make use of a chemical drain cleaner

If you use chemical cleaners, you are advised to wear a protective device. Eye protection is essential along with the rubber glove! Make that you’ve studied the instructions prior to using chemical cleaners for flushing the toilet drain.
Chemical drain cleaning products are used to break down organic debris that has accumulated within drains that block. This can include hair that has become dirty and soap scum, such as grease, and, sometimes, a paper that gets dumped into drains.

5. Take off the Drain Cover

If you’re able to remove the drain cover from your shower, you could be able to remove the blockage yourself. The shower’s drain cover could be secured using screws which must be removed to eliminate the cover. You can take different kinds of drain covers using screws with an angled heads.
You can make use of dry shop vacuums to get rid of any water that is accumulating in the bottom of the shower.
After you’ve taken the cover off to drain it, you’ll now be in a position to attempt to clear the obstruction by hand when it’s within reached.

6. Use the drain snake

Contrary to a plunger, the majority of people do not have a plumbing snake around. However, if you have one in your house or have a friend who has one, it can be the perfect instrument to flush the toilet in your shower.
Sometimes referred to as drain snakes put these devices in drains that are blocked to eliminate the problem which is causing the issue. The snake will then move into the sewer until it is able to get rid of it along with the debris that is blocking the drain of the shower.

7. Dial a plumber over the phone

You’ve attempted every blockage solution but to no avail, you should make contact with us. The 24 hour plumber is located in Dubai. It is essential to contact an expert plumber before the moment that the shower drain has become blocked. It can cause serious issues, such as the ones mentioned earlier in this article.
The plumbing experts have more options including commercial drain cleaners and longer plumbing snakes that are able to find and eliminate obstructions. You can also utilize drain scopes that observe the inside of pipes and assess the amount of buildup that can be detected in pipes of plumbing.


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