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The majority of residential gates are equipped with automated gate openers with solely the purpose of convenience. Being able to close and open your gates with the click of one button is an attractive feature that can add value to your home. This also make life simpler homeowners who use manual gates eventually get tired of having to open and close their gates each time, and eventually close them in frustration. Automated gate opener will save you time and effort, but they also ensure that your gates are shut to your back. If you are having trouble in your garage door opener functioning,Garage Door Opener Repair has the best team to deal with your garage door opener to repair, service, or re-install. At American Garage Door Repair provides the best Garage Door Repair services. 

But what if your requirements are more focused on security?

The gates made of wood can provide a privacy barrier by blocking the view from behind which is particularly important when you often are away from your home, have valuable vehicles on your driveway, or children who play in the garden , for example. In the case of a walled-in perimeter, it is recommended to use solid wooden gates, rather than an iron gate with a pattern that is open since it creates a visual wall. But, aside from the privacy benefits they still provide the same degree of security as iron gates with automatic gate openers.

Automated gate openers prevent people from opening your gates, which could protect you from criminals and prevent unauthorised visitors from entering your property, ensuring you feel safer in your home and garden. If more force was used to close the gate like pushing them or ramming them with a vehicle and the gates will eventually give way and then open.

Other measures can be taken to increase this, and permit gates to take on greater forces. Certain motors in hydraulics have self locking capabilities, which could offer a bit more resistance to forces. The best option is to use an electric or, better yet an electronic lock, or a magnetic one. Maglocks can stand up to a force up to 500kgs them.

In the final analysis, regardless of an electric or magnetic lock, gates can only stand up to the force as the hinges can before they fail. When you push it in the center of the gate there are two forces applied in newtons and the leverage of the hinges to account for.

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The sliding gates, as opposed to swing gates could pose a bigger challenge to criminals since it requires significant force to lift them off the ground track. This only works when you have space on the other side of the gate to allow the sliding gate to slide into.

If extremely strict security requirements are required, putting increasing traffic bollards in front of the gates is the sole truly fail-safe security option. The bollards could stop a car dead in its tracks should the gates were breached and then lower to allow gates to open in normal operation.


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