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We’ve all faced the anxiety-inducing, what-to-do-next situation when you are locked from your car. The first reaction is likely to be to do everything to get inside as fast as you can. You could try breaking windows, attempt to open the door or get a slim jim from a neighbour. These could be great options at the time, since you must get back to your vehicle as quickly as you are able to.

In reality, if you attempt to unlock your vehicle without the right tools and the expertise to utilize the tools, you could cause costly and serious damage on your automobile. Locks aren’t so simple as you’d imagine and it is possible to damage your lock until it gets to that keys will not fit in. Small jims could be a viable option for certain cars, but not for all. And if you don’t utilize it correctly, you could damage your vehicle, scratch the door’s frame, or cause damage to internal wiring.

If you are trapped in your vehicle you should call car locksmith who are professional at Los Angeles to get you back in your car. We’ve got an emergency locksmith available to assist you in getting back into your car as fast as you can!

Los Angeles Locksmith: Methods to unlock Cars

The majority of people imagine the slim jim as their most common method of unlocking the door of a vehicle. Although it is an effective device for locksmiths from Los Angeles, it is not a universal solution and generally is only compatible with older models of vehicles. 24 hour locksmith Los Angeles  use a variety of specialized equipment to quickly and securely unlock your vehicle.

AIR WEDGE Perhaps the most efficient and safest way to go using an air wedge can be described as an inflatable bag placed on the inside of the entryway. Once the wedge is placed, it is inflated, allowing it to wedge the door enough to allow an extended reaching tool utilized.

Probe: Probes are long reach devices that are employed to fill in the gap caused due to the air wedge. Probes are inserted into space created by the wedge and then pushed into the lock/unlock buttons inside your vehicle.

AUTOMOTIVE LOCK-PICK The process of picking the right lock can be a difficult task. It requires a lot of practice, skill and patience. Lock-picking is accomplished using the use of a set of tools known as picks, which are put into the key slot and move the mechanism just as keys can.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our automotive locksmiths located in Los Angeles arrive at car locks equipped with expert skills, tools and knowledge to create the ideal and most secure unlock for your particular vehicle.

Los Angeles Locksmith: How Do We Unlock Trunks

The majority of the time, locking your keys inside your trunk is as simple as locking them inside the car’s body. Most cars have a trunk release button which can be found from the driver’s side of the interior of the car. It’s not a problem, just choose one of the options mentioned above, press the trunk release button and you’re done.

However, certain years/makes/models of cars don’t have a trunk release button which locksmiths from Los Angeles can access by unlocking the door. In these instances, our technicians are able to either unlock the trunk lock , or create an entry key to unlock the trunk and get keys.

Los Angeles Locksmith: Making replacement keys for cars (If You Lost Your Key)

Sometimes, a locksmith from Los Angeles is called to unlock a vehicle, but the driver discovers that their keys aren’t inside the vehicle, and instead are lost. It’s not a problem for our automotive locksmiths since they can provide you with an entirely new key to your car right then and there. This isn’t a separate call that has to be made, and it can be completed in the shortest time possible for nearly every year or make and model of vehicle.

If you have any questions about our locksmiths for cars located in Los Angeles regarding replacing your key, read our latest blog article:


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