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When you’re renovating your kitchen, don’t think about ignoring the wall that is an additional feature. It might not be the primary thing you’re thinking of in the context of choosing countertops, flooring, cabinetry and much many more, but it’s not something to be missed! A wall with an accent is the perfect option to enhance your kitchen. No matter if your is bold or more formal. If you are looking to get kitchen renovation services in Berkeley, CA then no look further than Berkeley Reliable Kitchen Remodeling. Reliable Kitchen Remodeling offers the Best Kitchen Renovation in Berkeley, CA. There’s an accent wall to suit you. There’s an accent wall that will suit your needs. We’ve collected a few of our most loved design ideas for accent walls to help decide which one is best in your kitchen.


If you’re a lover of white kitchen countertops and cabinets You may be searching for a way to bring some color into the otherwise dull space. What better way to stand out than with an accent wall that is inspired by the ocean with blue-green hues and an edgy pattern? This wall can make the otherwise serene space feel alive and welcoming! You can also pair it with gorgeous wood elements at the lower end of the wallWhy have just the one wall accented when you could have two? If you want an updated look but don’t have time or money for a full renovation, Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Berkeley will do all those what you need.

Board and Batten

A wall of batten and board can leave your guests nothing less than bored as they walk into your kitchen! If you’re not looking for too much style for your home, you might be interested in making a unique accent wall for your dining space. Accent walls made of batten or board are becoming extremely popular in recent years, however their greatest benefit is that they can be entirely customizable to fit your design preferences! If you’re looking for a classic pattern of batten and board or something more fun such as these geometric designs it’s a great option to improve the look and feel your room.

Wood Panels

In the process of renovating their kitchens many homeowners voice they want to design a welcoming and welcoming area. If you’re in the market for that it’s not difficult to come up by choosing a kitchen that is farmhouse-style. However, instead of choosing to stick with the classic style and stick with the traditional, you can add a touch of design to the kitchen by putting up an accent wall made of wood which blends in with other natural wood elements of your kitchen, such as the flooring, table or dining chairs, and many more. If you are looking for a new kitchen cabinets door replacement, Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement is the leading provider of Professional Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacement in Berkeley, CA. They are dedicated to providing an innovative solution for your kitchen cabinets doors.

Bold Color

Simply because you’d like to create an accent wall into your kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you must install a unique tile or another texture. Instead, paint the wall with a contrast hue to the other elements of your kitchen to catch the eye to your visitors! The kitchen is neutral and features cabinets that are white and countertops made of gray however, it also features a vibrant red accent wall, with an recessed shelf to display various trinkets that are colorful. Making an accent wall can be as easy as buying a jar of paint at Hardware stores!

Chalkboard Wall

If you’re in search of an accent wall that’s both stylish and practical take a look at the chalkboard wall. Are you always finding your notepad that you use to keep track of the items you require from the supermarket? Do you need to recall an appointment in the near future? Make an area interactive in your kitchen so that everyone in your family can enjoy using chalkboard paint. The paint allows you and your loved ones to write on your wall using chalk without the need for any chalkboard!

Gallery Wall

Are you a fan of artwork? Do you have a large collection of photos of your family during vacations or outings? Have you made any pieces of work you’d like to display? Create a focal point for your kitchen by combining multiple items on one wall, creating an impressive gallery for guests to take a look at upon entering your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to go for something more contemporary like the black walls and artful faces, or something more traditional, like pictures of your family and children A gallery wall is the perfect solution to bring an element of excitement in your kitchen.

Brick Wall

A brick wall is among of the most popular options as an accent walland with good reason. They are often found in older houses that were built with brick, allowing the brick to be visible in specific rooms in the home. However, more modern homes could include brick later to enhance the space. Brick accent walls add an air of comfort and warmth to any room, and can make guests feel at ease as soon as they enter your front door. It is possible to add shelves to the wall for extra texture or apply paint to the wall in order to blend in with your existing decor.

Rack for Wine Rack

Are you looking to kick your kitchen style to the next level? Include a wine rack with your favourite wines that you’ve collected throughout your travels around across the globe. It is customizable to fit the dimensions of your kitchen. This wall with a wine rack is a great conversation starter whenever you’re hosting an evening celebration.


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