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It’s great to to breathe the fresh air, however for many, the season of spring and fall can be a time of an array of allergies that are seasonal. The majority of people, it means opening their homes and switching on the air conditioning to take out allergens. If that isn’t enough then here are some suggestions to aid your air conditioner to help you with your seasonal allergies.

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Clean your Vents

When switching on the air conditioner doesn’t seem to be enough to ease allergies, it’s because allergens are being blown around. While there are many other things that people check first, they overlook the primary reason -the vents. They collect dust and allergens which explode every when the air conditioner comes on. Cleaning the slats every month can be a boon for the air.

Cleaning and sealing your Ducts

If the air inside your home is still feeling a bit nauseous, this may be the first thought you have. In certain instances this could be a good idea. If your ducts are well sealed, they will not accumulate any allergens. But, if the pipes are old or damaged they can develop leaks where air from outside may enter. After that the allergens build up, then blow in and the ducts will require sealing and cleaned. Orlando AC Repair Techs also provides quality duct cleaning service in Orlando, and FL by Experienced And Skilled Technicians.

Changing Your Air Filter

If you haven’t changed your air filter in the current season or aren’t using one, that could be the primary reason behind your issues with your indoor air. The air filter, if that you have a filter that has a MERV rating of the appropriate is able to remove allergens out of the air that enters it. If the filters are dirty, then it is less efficient. If you don’t have an air filter then you might also breathing in air that comes from outside. Stop breathing dirty air and making yourself sick, call the professionals of Orlando AC Repair Techs to replace dirty and damaged AC filters for your commercial or residential needs. They are highly rated among our customers and offer 24/7 Emergency AC Filter Replacement Services which means you will never be stuck in an emergency. It’s cheaper. To learn more or request service, contact Conditioned Air today!


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