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If you’re striving to contribute to a healthier environment , and you’re worried about the amount of electronic waste you’re creating when you use laptops and phones through time, then you could require some recycling strategies. It’s true that phones are simple, thanks to the numerous recycling and trade-in options available however computers can be tricky, especially if utilize computers to work. Continue reading to learn the steps you must do to safely and securely get rid of an old but functional computer.

Clean It Up

The primary concern computer systems is the amount of personal data they could have stored on their hard drives. You might have put in a lot of effort to secure your data while you were using the device, but doing it after you have given it away or give it to another person is a little more difficult. This is the basic outline of what you must do:

  1. Deauthorize applications that you can only use on one device at time and allow you to be able to authorize them on different programs in the future. Uninstall applications that require subscriptions or contain your personal data.
  2. Delete your browsing history – including cache, passwords, cookies, etc.
  3. Remove the sensitive information from all files. For additional security for PCs equipped with hard drives install a program such as File Shredder to find any malicious files and then destroy the files. For Apples and PCs that have SSDs you can encrypt your drive instead. Create a password that only you can access the drive, to ensure that no subsequent users of the device will be able open any of the files you have left.
  4. You’re now ready to erase. The Mac, Chromebooks, and PCs all have different methods for this, but generally it’s about erasing the data and then reinstalling an operating system. For PCs, you might require downloading a program such as Eraser to finish the procedure.

Recycle Your Device

If you’ve managed to get your computer clean you’re left with a few choices. You can donate tax-deductible funds of the computer that is still working to local non-profit organizations like libraries and schools.

You may also exchange your device at specific stores to get a discount on a brand new computer or store credit in the future. Many online companies might also provide money for old computers but confirm that the recycler is eSteward or SERI-certified company, which means they don’t ship computers to countries in need of workers can get the important components.

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