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The first step to recovery from addiction is the detox. Detox is the procedure which involves the person being monitored medically after stopping using alcohol or drugs to ease withdrawal symptoms. For some who are in need of a detox program, a short-term one can be more beneficial than an inpatient program for long-term treatment. If you or your loved one is struggling with Alcohol Addiction, please call Local Rehab Centers today. The team Local Rehab Centers can help you get the treatment you need to get your life back on track.

What is a Short-Term Detox?

The short-term detox is a treatment plan to help people quit using drugs. The length of the detox may vary between one week and two weeks, contingent upon the substance used, the time of use, the quantity consumed, and other aspects.

The advantages of short-term detoxification

A Good Start Point

It is best to wait until you reach the bottom, when you realize you’re in need of assistance for your substance abuse disorder (SUD) is not wise. Instead, it is better to start the process of detoxing yourself in a short time when you suspect that you’re using drugs in a way that is not healthy and you want to tackle the issue prior to it getting worse.

The Time Constraints Addressed

Many people do not have the luxury of being in a position to commit to a long-term program of treatment. There are family obligations, work or any other obligations. As detox typically lasts from up to 2 weeks to complete, it permits individuals to establish the basis for recovery prior to returning to their home.

Medically-Supervised Detox

Access to 24 hours of medical treatment and medical assistance from skilled healthcare professionals such as Rehabilitation Center Los Angeles. Additionally, you have access to medical staff, like psychiatrists, therapists and counselors, who are able to help you deal with any problems or co-occurring issues, and decide on the next steps should be.

Detoxification that is distraction-free

Your detox will be completed on site at the detox center in a safe environment, free of distractions from outside. In the end, you are not required to worry about the emotional strains or being around people who abuse substances, or trying to fulfill your obligations. Instead, you’re able to focus on detoxing and planning the next steps of your healing process.

One-on-One Therapy and Group Therapy

A part of your short-term detox will consist of individual counseling as well as sessions with a group. These sessions will help you discover the causes that caused your addiction. Additionally, you can learn about the struggles of others in the battle against addiction when they share their experiences during groups. In the end, you’ll begin to see the advantages in individual counselling and peer assistance.

The ability to access Facility Amenities

If you are in short-term detox in an addiction treatment center there are the same facilities as others who are in treatment. The variety of facilities available differ based on the location and can include games, tranquil rooms, yoga, meditation basketball, and much more.

Access to exercise equipment

Another crucial aspect of recovery includes taking care of your health in general and taking care of your body. While detoxing, you may take part in fitness classes or use the equipment for exercise in the facility. If you’ve never been active regularly before, personal trainers are on hand who will help you create an exercise routine for your daily life.

Access to well-balanced and healthy Meals

Healing is a crucial aspect in the process of recovering from the effects of a SUD. When you are in detox, you’ll be able to eat meals that have been made by professional chefs, nutritionists as well as other experts in the field of cooking. Additionally, you can talk to a nutritionist, who will help you develop an eating plan for the day that which you can follow when you get back to your home.

Aftercare Treatment Planning

You’ll be able to determine what kind of treatment for aftercare is the best for you. For instance, you can keep an outpatient program or continue to see psychiatrists or attend 12-Step sessions. It is up to you to decide which treatments will help your recovery most.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Detox

The main distinction between short-term and long-term detox is the length of time you’re in a program. Both options start with a medically-supervised detox program which lasts for between two and a week.

In short-term detox, you determine your next steps during the process of recovery. While with long-term detox, you typically take on a commitment to rehabilitation for 90 days or more by undergoing inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation programs.

But, not all people are best suited to a detox program that is short-term. people with a history of drug abuse or who have tried treatment for short-term issues in the past , only to fall back into a cycle will usually succeed more after completing a longer-term treatment program.

The importance of planning for aftercare

If you decide that a whether a long-term or short-term detox is the best option to you, must have a strategy to follow before you return home. An effective aftercare program helps strengthen the foundation of recovery and treatment you’ve started to establish.

In this case, moving into a sober-living facility might be an option when your current environment is unstable and not supportive. Aftercare planning helps you determine what kind of support you’ll require to keep your new sobriety.

A Short-Term Detox located in Los Angeles, Ca

If you’re looking to receive help in overcoming your addiction to alcohol, Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Los Angeles located in Los Angeles, CA is ready to assist. We provide a variety of custom treatment for addiction and detox options. To learn more about how to begin your detox process, call them now to speak to one of our addiction and detox treatment experts.


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