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Are you one of your parents or a relative who struggled with addiction to alcohol abuse or drugs? Do you notice yourself showing similar patterns and behavior that could indicate a problem? Learn what might cause a bigger problem before you follow the footsteps of others.

Genetic Factors

As per the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), “as as much as half the risk of being addicted to alcohol, nicotine or any other drug is based on the genetic constitution.” It’s not the case of a “life sentence” as they say however, it’s something to take note of.

If there is a parent who has a history of addiction to drugs or alcohol, or a propensity to abuse drugs or alcohol, odds aren’t against you. This doesn’t mean that you’re at risk of developing dependency issues that you’re not experiencing but it could be a sign of an increased risk of addiction. This is valuableand could be lifesaving information you can apply to your advantage should you’re having difficulty. The awareness of your situation can help you stay in control.

Family Habits, Accepted Behaviour and Family Traditions

If children are raised in a world that is prone to substance abuse and abuse, it may appear “normal” or something they’ve become used to. Adults in these situations aren’t likely to want to encourage younger generations to follow their example. However, their examples are powerful even without any explicit pressure or persuasion.

A young exposure to drugs and alcohol as well as the absence of any laws and rules, stressed homes, and the inability to be accountable, responsible and structure could lead to issues in the future as the child ages. The behavior could be a part with family dynamics when children reach adulthood. While it is not considered to be frightening, like addiction could be occur in different families, the behavior could not cause the same level of anxiety.

If you think your family’s patterns are unstable, unhealthy or placing your life at risk, get assistance outside of your family unit by seeking counseling. It is essential to consider your own health before you assist family members in addressing their individual and collective concerns.

Triggers And Temptations

Certain events, situations, or emotional states can cause you to use alcohol or other drugs to help you cope. There is also the possibility of an increase in excitement due to a reduction in inhibitions.

From boredom to joy to stress can lead to an addict or a person who is inclined to drink or use drugs to take part. A simple curiosity or access may be enough to make a change in the direction you want to go. Self-medicating for anxiety and depression may appear to be the only option to stay alive. There’s also peer pressure, that can be a problem within families, resulting in bad choices and having there is no one to count on for support or security.


Be prepared and proactive. If you’re concerned that you could be heading into exactly the same way as your family member who has struggled (or is currently fighting) the addiction to alcohol or drugs take action immediately. The smallest hint that your behavior or choices have a negative impact on your health or wellbeing should be enough to seek assistance.

It is possible to talk with a counseloror doctor, or even a friend or family member that you could confide in. Recognizing the issue is a crucial element to establish the foundation for sobriety.


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