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There are always injuries particularly for children. Although children are more susceptible to scrapes and bruises but serious injuries can happen in school. If your child has been injured while at school, then you could be eligible for the financial compensation. If you are living in San Diego and looking for a Local Lawyer in San Diego or attorney for child injury in school, Local Attorneys 360 is the most reliable law firm in San Diego.

Can Children File Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Before learning more about children’s personal injury suits, we should consider the possibility that children could be part of personal injury lawsuits. According to the law, children under 18 years old are entitled to financial compensation due to personal injuries.

However, the minor is not able to bring a lawsuit on themselves. The legal guardian or parent must file the lawsuit, and the child may file two suits simultaneously. One lawsuit awards compensation to the parent or legal guardian, while the other handles compensation for the child. If your child have been injured in a school, you need experienced Local Personal Injury Lawyers in San Diego on your side. Accident Lawyer Attorneys San Diego has represented clients in a wide variety of personal injury cases, and they are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Damages can cover loss of income and any health costs associated with the injury. Most of the compensation will be given to the legal guardian or parent as they are the ones responsible for the care and protection of the child.

Should the School Be Held Accountable?

There are several questions as to whether schools are able to be held responsible for any harm that occurs in the school’s premises. It is, however, a school’s obligation to provide students a safe place to receive their education.

Schools are required to protect their students from injuries due to slippery floors unsafe surfaces, unsanitary conditions, or other students. Schools take on the parent’s place (also known as the in loco parentis) They are responsible to ensure the safety of each child.

However, schools are not responsible for injuries on their premises after hours or during athletic events. They have no responsibility to supervise children during non- their hours of operation. Additionally, students take on the risk of injuries that may occur during playtime.

What kinds of injuries could occur?

Injuries Due To Other Children

If your child was injured by an other child, the responsibility doesn’t automatically fall on the other child. Schools must prevent bullyingand teachers have to properly supervise any instances which may be dangerous.

Bus Accidents and Injuries

Accidents can occur between cars as well as buses. If you are able to make a claim for personal injury against the driver responsible for the incident but the school district may be held accountable for the conduct of the bus driver or lack thereof.

Injuries Due To School Equipment

Occasionally, children can be injured due to athletics or other equipment used in schools. The injuries caused by defective equipment (like balance beams, playgrounds, or balance beams) or lack of supervision can be used as evidence in court for personal injury.

Injuries Due To Premises Liability

Schools are also responsible to ensure that school grounds are safe. Unmarked wet spots could cause slip-and-fall accidents, as well as loose handrails that could make children fall off staircase. Schools should ensure that their students’ security at all times.

Injury Resulting From Medication

There are students who have medication they require throughout the day. For example that a diabetic child cannot give themselves insulin and the nurse is not around, they may go into shock. It is then up upon the school to ensure that students have access to the medication they require.

Foreseeable injuries

It is important to keep in mind that even though schools are accountable for ensuring their student’s safety They can only address the issues they know about. In the event that the school cannot anticipate any risk from the environment or other people. In that case they might not be able prevent the potential injuries that could occur.

Speak to an attorney

If your child has been injured in school, you may be eligible for an amount of financial compensation. Luckily, Accident Attorney San Diego are here to help. They want to partner with you in your claim and negotiate with your insurance provider to reach the settlement you need to meet your requirements.


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