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When planning a bathroom designed for children, there are a few factors that you need to consider that are different from a traditional bathroom. While some of these design variations can help with cleanliness, others can help to accommodate your child’s height as they grow through the years. We never recommend designing a bathroom that is specific to the height and age your child is at the moment. Instead, you should consider ideas that are out of the box and will be as beneficial to your child at a young stage as they will be during their teenage years. Bathroom Remodeling San Jose services of Remodel Instantly provide a great opportunity to spruce up a bathroom that already functions or completely renovate one that needs an overhaul. Here are a few of our most popular out-of-the box kids bathroom ideas to think about when you are planning your bathroom remodel.

Transitional Toilets

Based on the age of your children, you may be toying with the idea of installing a low toilet seat that can accommodate your children as they begin to potty train and beyond. However, the disadvantage of this is that a low toilet will need to be replaced as your kids get out of the way. Instead, you should opt for a toilet that can be used by children and adults alike, and also makes it easier for the child to use the bathroom. This ensures you won’t need to change the toilet every time they get older.

Another option is toilet seats with soft-close that are perfect for homes with children , where toilet seats are more likely to be shut. Not only will it protect the seat from being slammed, but it will also keep your children’s fingers from getting trapped in the crossfire.

Accessible Storage

You likely have a lot of toiletries as well as other products in the cabinets of your bathroom ? particularly if you’re trying to avoid what often seems like an inevitable mess on your countertops! Setting your children up to be successful in their hygiene habits can be accomplished by organizing your kid’s bathroom with easy storage. If you are searching for a Bathroom Renovation in San Jose, CA, you will come to know about Remodel Instantly.

It is possible to install a hamper in their room so that they can practice putting away their clothing when getting ready for the bed. Put in pull-out drawers and storage baskets in the cabinets to keep everything they’ll need, from toothpaste and cotton swabs to dental floss and bandaids. Be sure that all these items are organized located in an area that is accessible to them whether at their height or below (or accessible with stepstools).

Pull-Out Step Stool

Based on the size of the bathroom of your child You may not need a step stool sitting in the corner eating up part of the space. Instead, you could consider an adjustable step stool that is able to slide out of an under-drawer of the bathroom vanity. This way, your children (and any friends who come spend the evening with you) will be able to access the bathroom sink ? encouraging better hygiene for your personal by letting them easily brush their teeth or wash their hands. The step stool can be conveniently hidden away and kept out of view when not in use. If you don’t have the option of adding a pull-out stool in your design, keep an additional step stool in the room to allow your children to be able to access it whenever they require it.

Double Vanities

Kids fight over everything. They are always looking for to have what their brother has. While a bathroom sink may not be a lot of fun You’ll be amazed to learn that your kids are still fighting over who’s got more space while standing in front of the sink and brushing their teeth.

To prevent this nightmare scenario, you can install a double vanity , so that every child is able to have their own sink to wash in while getting ready for school or signing off for bed. With two separate areas they can each claim as the own. This will cut down their time waiting around to brush or fighting for space , and assist in keeping their hygiene up to par.

If you don’t have a bathroom that is large enough for a double vanity or sink, you can choose a smaller sink that features double faucets. A sink that is trough-style allows you to have several handwashing and brushing stations without wasting precious counter space.

Multiple Hooks

A popular choice for bathroom designs in a towel rack? however when designing a bathroom for children (or several children! ) It could be beneficial to include several hooks instead. Hooks permit more towels to hang up on a wall for them to dry, making sure that each child will have a spot for their towel. This reduces the chance of towels being lying on the ground or thrown on a towel bar so they do not dry correctly.

Extra Built-Ins

Depending on the age of your kids you may see them take many baths. It’s often a messy job to bathe your child and it can be made more challenging if the soap or shampoo you’re looking for isn’t in an easily accessible location. One of our most popular ways to expand the storage space in the bathroom and making bath time enjoyable is to add built-in shelves that are set inside the bath’s wall allowing you to keep all the items you require within reach. If you have multiple children that require different toiletries, you can separate items by placing every child’s item on a separate shelf. You could even put some bath toys on the lower shelf to make it accessible to children!

Pivoting Mirror

Based on the height and age of your child, they might struggle to see themselves in the bathroom mirror (even with a step stool). To make it easier for them, you can install the mirror with a pivot that can be tilted to accommodate their height. This ensures that the mirror is able to continue to be used throughout the years as it is able to be adjusted by each child in accordance with their growing needs.


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