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You may love spending your summers soaking up the sun in the Mediterranean or it’s an option on you bucket list of places to visit, it’s not a surprise why the Mediterranean style is now making into kitchen styles. With its vibrant colors and distinctive textures you can customize your kitchen space to make it one that’s designed specifically for your family and you. If you are looking to get kitchen renovation services in Oakland, CA then no look further than Oakland Reliable Kitchen Remodeling. Their company offers the Best Kitchen Renovation in Oakland, CA. However, combining these vibrant colors and patterns can be more complicated than it looks, which is why we’ve put together an inventory of our seven most-loved Mediterranean design elements to make the process of planning a little easier.

Bold Colors

One of the distinctive features of a Mediterranean kitchen design is the usage of vibrant colors throughout the space for a unique look. Naturally weaving together vibrant shades of teal greens and blues contrasted with rustic reds, rich yellows, and earthy tones, shades of the Mediterranean will certainly entice you as well as your guests. The most appealing aspect of the bright use of color is that there aren’t any specific rules to adhere to when creating the perfect kitchen. If you’re craving an eclectic design for your kitchen’s cabinets, there’s no need to opt for a neutral colour palette. From the bigger features like cabinets and backsplashes to small details such as rugs and glassware There are many ways to include a variety of terra cotta hues, ocean blue hues, and other spectacular hues.

Natural Elements

Instead of a standard kitchen that has white countertops with white kitchen cabinets and white subway tiles The Mediterranean design looks to incorporate not just bold colors but natural elements for an authentic feel and appeal. Think about installing hardwood floors with a natural wood hue paired well with natural light as well as an original backsplash with hand painted tiles. Discovering ways to incorporate natural elements of design is the perfect method to enhance your Mediterranean kitchen style.

Tile Backdrop

Similar to the majority of kitchen designs, tiles create a beautiful focal point as the kitchen backsplash. For modern kitchens you’re likely to find elaborate glass or subway tile, while a Mediterranean kitchen will typically use mosaic or terra cotta tiles. Consider your kitchen backsplash as another way to bring a splash of color to the space. You can choose to put in hand-painted tiles with intricate design work, arrange your tiles in a unique pattern, or choose the most striking color option There are many options to create a focal point with your tile backdrop. You may even decide to incorporate a more traditional Mediterranean look that features mosaics that are arranged in intricate patterns that represent the history of the Mediterranean such as the seascape.

Wood Furniture

The Mediterranean aesthetic is about the use of natural, weathered and natural materials with a natural beauty and charm, unlike more contemporary or traditional components of the kitchen. Explore ways to incorporate rustic wood pieces that are one-of-a-kind to your kitchen in order to reflect the tranquil character of the Mediterranean. Look into incorporating wood barstools that are in their natural state and unfinished or open shelving made from pieces of weathered wood into the space. If you’re not fond of wood with a natural appearance You can also decide to paint the pieces with Mediterranean hues to give more color the room. Kitchen Custom Cabinets Refacing in Oakland, CA are the best way to get a new look without spending thousands of dollars. Their professional cabinet refacers will transform your old cabinets into Beautiful Custom Cabinetsthat will last for years. 

Charming Lighting

Although lighting may not seem as a vital component of design, it could determine the success or failure of your Mediterranean style if not executed right! Instead of going with classic recessed lighting, we love the idea of installing the wrought iron chandelier in a gorgeous bronze tone above your kitchen island as an eye-catching focal point like a piece of antique charm. Alongside the wrought-iron chandelier, it is possible to install the wrought iron pendant lighting that are beautifully incorporated into the chandelier, but also add their own sense of flair for your kitchen’s task as well as accent lighting. If you are looking to update your old kitchen lighting then you’ve come to the right place. Reliable Kitchen Remodeling are a team of professional Kitchen Lighting Update Oakland that can help you with all your needs. Their services include everything from installation and replacement, to repair and maintenance. No matter what kind of project you have in mind, they will be able to provide the best solution for it.


A Mediterranean kitchen style isn’t boring at all. It has a rustic, natural look which makes it feel like you’re part of nature. To convey this feeling of unmatched beauty, Mediterranean styles incorporate a diverse range of textures that are used throughout the room, from plaster-finished surfaces and backsplashes made of mosaic to terra cotta tile countertops. The inclusion of texture creates movement in the space which helps draw your eye around the room, allowing you to appreciate every element separately and as a whole. Find ways to boost the classic look of the kitchen by incorporating texture into different areas of your kitchen design.

Architectural Charm

Although straight, clear lines are typically the sought-after design for kitchens, Mediterranean kitchens seem to have a mind of their own! Along with its unique texture and colors There are also curvy and swooping architectural designsthat are different from anything you’ve ever seen before. The graceful curves help to tie the entire room together, making the room more fluid and creating a more relaxing appearance.


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