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It’s always exciting when guests visit however, it could become a hassle if you aren’t able to accommodate them in your home. Instead of walking on each others’ toes, it may be beneficial to plan a bathroom that is welcoming for guests. A bathroom that your guests have exclusive access to, helps keep your home from becoming crowded and reduces the chances of having to use the bathroom on the same day. It’s not enough to build four walls, then add toilets and sinks, and declare it done. Remodel Instantly may help you in remodeling your bathroom. Remodel Instantly has built a Long-Standing Bathroom Remodeling in Washington, DC providing customers with quality work and incomparable customer service. Here are some ideas on how to remodel your bathroom for guests that your guests and family will love while they stay.


No one likes walking into the bathroom to navigate through an inconveniently designed space. Do you think of slamming your knees on the sink while trying to sit on the toilet? Although your guest bathroom doesn’t have to be as extravagant as your master ensuite, it still needs the correct layout to enable your guests to efficiently navigate through the bathroom. Concentrate on incorporating the essential elements of the sink, toilet, shower, and, when feasible, a bathtub well as ensuring that there’s plenty of space around each one of them without making your guests feel claustrophobic. Instead of filling up the bathroom, you can opt for smaller elements like a stand-up shower instead of a tub. If you take the time to look at the efficacy of your guest bathroom layout, your guests will be pleased with the accommodations. If you are searching for a Bathroom Renovation service in Washington, DC, you will come to know about Remodel Instantly. Remodel Instantly is an experienced and Certified Bathroom Renovation Company with trained professionals to give your bathroom a new look within your budget.


Does your guest bathroom have plenty of sunlight? The smaller area of the guest bathroom indicates that there’s no window in the room to let light in. If this is the case, you have to brighten the bathroom for guests with plenty of lighting. Not only will this make the bathroom feel more welcoming to your guests, however, but it can also allow them to make it easier for them to perform their nightly tasks such as showering while washing their faces and brushing their teeth and many more. Opt for a bright light fixture over top of the mirror on your vanity that will provide adequate lighting in the bathroom, and also various lighting options for the bathroom, as required. If you want your guest bathroom to be as bright as possible without having too much light shining into other rooms at night, then a kitchen lighting update in Los Angeles is an excellent choice because they do kitchen lighting updates with bathroom lighting updates in Los Angeles. 


Have you ever been a guest of the hotel and been stunned by the soft, fluffy towels that were waiting in the bathrooms? This should be the exact feeling you try to recreate for your guests! Instead of setting aside your worn-out towels for guests to use, consider purchasing lavish sets that are specifically for guests — helping them look their best since they won’t be used regularly in your usual bath towel rotation! Store extra washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels underneath your sink, or inside a linen closet to make them easy to access, so that guests won’t have to ask for additional towels during their stay. Before they arrive, place your freshly cleaned towels in a prominent spot where guests can shower however they like. You may also wish to hang up a few comfortable robes for your guests to enjoy while they pack and relax from their journeys.


It’s not uncommon for guests to leave behind a few of their toiletries when they travel. Instead of doing a last-minute trip to the local drug store to grab a toothbrush or other forgotten item, you can recreate the experience of a hotel bathroom by providing guests with travel-sized essentials. You can display a bag of items that can be easily forgotten, like shampoo and cotton swabs, toothbrushes and toothpaste, nail clippers, and feminine items so that they are able to access the items they require when they need them. By creating a basket of toiletries, you can feel secure knowing that your guests have everything they require for an enjoyable visit to your home.


When it comes to a guest bathroom, you’re often working with an area that is smaller than an ensuite master. With that in mind, it’s important to consider what you can do to maximize the amount of bathroom storage in the room without compromising the layout or design. In designing your bathroom put in hooks or shelves that are easily accessible from the bathtub or shower so that your guests can access the towels or their possessions without having to step on the tile flooring. It is also possible to have some space to store guest towels and toiletries when the bathroom isn’t in use. If space allows, incorporate an area for linen storage into your bathroom design or ensure there’s plenty of space to store bathroom items under the counters. If you’re planning to have guests for extended periods, you may even want to put a hamper in the room so they have a place to put their soiled clothes.


In many guest rooms, the space can appear extremely dull and unattractive particularly when there is limited natural lighting inside the bathroom. To brighten up the bathroom in your guest room, try introducing fresh greenery or a vibrant bouquet on the day your guests are expected to arrive. Freshly cut flowers or plants provide an appealing backdrop for the guest bathroom, but they also provide a pleasant scent and will make your guests feel as if they’ve stepped into a bathroom in a luxurious hotel. Based on the bathroom’s color palette, you can opt for neutral white flowers or add some color to the space by using vibrant hues.


One of the problems with guest bathrooms is that it’s not used regularly. Because of this, it is possible that your bathroom for guests often smells a bit musty or moldy. To keep your bathroom looking fresh, or to provide it with a revival before your guests arrive, allow the bathroom to air-dry. The bathroom door should be open and, if you have a window in the room and you have a window, make sure to open it a week or so prior. It’s also possible to install an air purifier or even leave incense on the counter or even light a candle, so the guest bath smells amazing when guests arrive.


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