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Are you fed up with your pool or deck being boring and dull? Are you eager to bring your back yard oasis to the next level? A dull pool and a pool deck make for an unimpressive backyard, which is quite depressing. HiPools Swimming Pool Contractors Austin can help to create a custom swimming pool as per your needs and budget. With a wide range of professional pool cleaning and pool repair services in Austin, HiPools ensure your pool is always looking at its best.

We’ll look at eight deck ideas that can help make your pool deck appear more attractive So you can make the most of your backyard escape.

8 Deck Design Ideas For Pools and Decks that Make Your Pool and Pool Deck More Attractive

There are many things one can accomplish to help make their pool area more attractive and appealing to the eyes. Here are eight deck design ideas for your pool that are sure to transform your pool space.

1. Install a water feature

A stunning water feature can instantly turn your pool and deck into awe-inspiring place. From cascading waterfalls , to bubbling fountains, there’s numerous options available for any design and budget.

2. Add Colorful Lighting

If you want to create a unique atmosphere for your pool or deck you should think about adding bright lighting fixtures. String lights, spotlights, or fiber optics are all great options to choose from.

3. Put in a Spa

There’s no way to go wrong by a spa, provided you can pay for it. Spas are a wonderful way for you to more fully enjoy your outdoor area with ease and luxury. There are spas available of different sizes to suit any size backyard or pool space.

4. Create a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere for your pool and deck. You can pick between propane, wood-burning or electrical fire pits depending on your requirements and house’s design.

5. Add Seating Zones

A comfortable seating area on the deck or around the pool will make it an even more welcoming space. Select from chairs, loungers and benches to design the perfect space that matches your preferences.

6. Make Things Fresher with Planters and Greenery

Incorporating plants and other greenery is a great pool deck idea that will help make your swimming area appear less sterile and more inviting. You can pick from planters hanging baskets, hanging flowers, or trees to give your pool a sense of the color.

7. Incorporate Decorative Elements

It is also possible to include decorative elements in the design of your deck or pool like mosaics, sculptures, and even sculptures. Think about what kind of style you would like to achieve and then search for the perfect pieces to bring it all together.

8. Get Help from a Professional

If you’re looking to ensure that your pool and deck are looking their best It is best to work with an expert such as Custom Pool Builder Austin. They’ve got the experience and experience to help you create the perfect backyard paradise, and they’ll work with your budget to design a layout that you’ll be happy with.

Enhance your pool’s appearance by making it more Attractive with HiPools

HiPools simplify the process and stress of building or upgrading your pool and area easy. We will combine our expert design with your own vision to bring your ideas for your deck become reality.

If you want to bring an extra dimension, personality and elegance to your swimming pool, contact us for a free estimate today. We’d love to help you achieve the vision you envision for your pool area to life.


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