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The realization that you’ve locked your keys in your car is not pleasant, especially when you’re in a hurry. Luckily, the latest cars make it more difficult for you to achieve this. But if you find yourself standing outside your locked car with your keys in the cupholder, these tips can be very useful.

Before you send an “locked key in the car” SOS message, be aware of how to unlock a car door without a key by using these three methods.

1. How to open the car door without keys manually

The first thing you need to find is a rod of a reasonable length, the more thin the better, however, it should still be hard enough. It is crucial to ensure that the rod is small enough to fit through the door, and long enough to reach the lock. If you’re unable to find anything that fits an existing coat hanger, then a coat hook or car antenna could be a good idea. Next, try to bend the rod’s end to bend the rod into a hook.

Then, you’ll need an appropriate wedge to create a gap in the door. It is possible to use pieces of wood that have sharp ends or something similar. Place this object in the slot until you can slide your fingers in to expand the gap.

To limit the damage to the paint of your car, you can put the paper or cloth onto this wedge-like item.

After you’ve made enough space, you are able to use the rod or the long stick in the direction of the door lock. It might take a few tries, depending on your ingenuity.

2. How to unlock the automatic car door with no key from the inside

This is contingent on whether the door’s automatic latch is located at the top of your control panel, or on the interior side of your car door. In the case that it is right under the car window it is the same procedure to breaking manual locks. If you lock is not working and your want to install a new lock, then contact to Locksmith Order who have years of experience in the field of Lock Installation, install the  Locks made by the leading manufacturers in the industry and will never compromise on quality. Once you have chosen your locks, trained and licensed locksmiths will perform the installation.

3. How do you break electronic locks from the outside

In certain situations it is possible to unlock the doors from outside will be quicker and simpler. However, this method is not recommended for auto lock windows or doors that have electric locks as it may greatly damage the electrical wirings which are usually secured under the car doors from the inside.

To do this you’ll need tools, most likely one that hangs or is an elongated, straight piece of metal that has one end bent into a hook.

Now let’s start with how to open the car without a key with this tool. Then slide it across the bottom of the window glass to the car door and, in particular, the passenger door to avoid any impacts on the wires. You might need to peel back the weather stripping in black rubber off the edges of the window to make it simpler.


Unlock the door with the hook. The mechanism for locking is typically located beneath the hatch, which is why you should slide the tool towards the lock and gradually pull upwards when you feel the key has been snared. It could take a few attempts due to the fact that some locks require you to be pulled back towards at the rear of your car instead of upwards.

4. How do you get in through the trunk

If you have somehow succeeded in opening the trunk but the door remains locked, because the key is in the cabin, then continue this process.

Open the trunk first and then look for the emergency trunk cord that opens into the cabin. As the name implies it’s an open trunk cord which will open from the interior during an emergency.

When the back seats are free, push them forward in order to open the space. Once you have this, you can crawl inside the vehicle and open the door to the rear passenger.

Another problem that car owners usually have to be faced with is the steering wheel locked when the engine is been shut down. If you’ve ever found yourself in this position and no idea what to do, read our quick and easy guide on unlocking your steering wheel.


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