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We all have experienced the stress of not being able to get inside our office, home or vehicle because we misplace the keys, forget to replace them, or misplace them. When you’re in a situation where you’re required to break into a locked door, you’ll call a locksmith to unlock a door without a key. However, while they are definitely skilled in their work and could be very useful but they’re not always there. There’s no reason to go through all kinds of trouble just for being locked outside of your home or office. There’s a simpler way to get back inside and here’s a list of easy ways that can help you to unlock your door without having a key:

1. Use a bobby pin to unlock a door without a key

The bobby-pin lock pick is among the most common tricks used to open doors. It is known as a rake and is a tool that can be used to unlock any door that has tumbler mechanisms as part of the locking mechanism. It is among the most basic and easiest to make use of.

The secret behind this helpful hack is easy: it requires Bobby pins. It’s not easy to achieve. The most difficult part is finding the right one, which will allow the process to run effortlessly. To accomplish this method it is necessary to locate a bobby pin that’s extremely thin and flexible (the more flexible, the better).

2. Use the screwdriver

The process of using an open-ended screwdriver for opening the door without requiring the key is very simple. It is important to select the appropriate one to lock your door and insert it into the small space between the door and its frame close to the knob or handle. All you have to do is grip the screwdriver with your left hand and insert the tip in the space between the door’s bottom and floor. Then, rotate it counterclockwise until you hear a click. Continue to turn clockwise until receiving another click. After that, you’ll be able to open the door.

3. Use a knife to unlock a door without a key

You can make use of this trick to unlock your door without using the key.

You are able to open your door using an axe if you know how to do so. To begin, you must break the lock. To accomplish this, you will have to take your knife to insert it between the keys and the tops of the lock. After that, you have to gently press down on the blade to unlock it. If you want to repair your door lock and looking for a professional, you can contact Locksmith Order for your door lock repair.

4. Picking locks

Lock picking, also known as lock opening refers to the act of unlocking a locked device by investigating and manipulating the various components of the lock device without having the original key. There are a variety of tools that are available to carry out lock picking. The styles vary from simple probes to sophisticated tools that are specifically designed to work with a particular brand and model of lock. 

5. Make use of a credit card

Sometimes you need to think outside of the norm to get the job done. A brand new method of picking locks is being made the rounds. It doesn’t require any special skills or tools, only your credit card and one of the small tool kits that you can purchase at Walmart. The method is easy put it into the jamb in the door and press it against the bottom of the strike plate using it. This will force the bolt into a position that allows one to move the doorknob and open the door in a normal fashion.

6. Use a ‘Bump’ key

A bump key is a very simple tool that is utilized to unlock most locks. The tool is inserted into a keyway and then one or more pins are bumped by using an Allen wrench or toothpick. This allows you to open doors without the use of keys. You can use this method in an emergency. If you need new locks in your home, repair previous locks, Unlock Or Break Your Locks, or have any lock-related query, Locksmith Order is the right team to call for Residential Lock Installation. The difficulty of changing a lock varies.

7. Take off the hinges

It is possible to unlock your door without keys by removing the hinges. Hinges prevent doors from being opened; they’re there to secure things in their place. should be. But, when you remove the hinges, there’s nothing to stop you from opening and allowing new ideas to come in. To accomplish this, you only need a hammer and puller, and hinge removal tool. These things are easily available on the market or in your own home.


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