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Being injured on the job is difficult, particularly when you are fighting in court to get workers’ compensation. To win your case, you must ensure that you have all the necessary documents. Accident Lawyer Attorneys Washington has Experienced Road Accident Attorneys in Washington to negotiate fair settlements for your road accident injuries and damages claims. Contact a top-rated and reputable attorney in Washington for road accident and personal injury claims as it is one of the best ways to ensure you receive fair treatment. Check out the necessary documents for your workers’ compensation claim. Learn more about the documents you require for your workers’ compensation case.

Your Right to Compensation

Being an employee it is your responsibility to have the right to workers’ compensation in case of an accident. Your employer must have the appropriate insurance in place to pay for your medical bills, and your right to receive compensation begins your first day at work.

The Documents You Need

To be able to best prepare for workers to claim compensation, you’ll be required to gather some documents. These documents will help you prove your claim to get you the compensation you deserve. Without these documents your claim might be rejected but that’s not an end to the process neither.

WC-14 Form

The first step is to fill out a form called WC-14. This form is also known as a Notice of Claim to inform you employer understand that you will be filing a claim for workers’ compensation. It’s important to complete every detail before submitting the form to the State Workers’ Compensation Board. If you are facing a problem to fill the WC-14 Form, hire Accident Attorney Dallas. They will help you with all legal matters.

Medical Documents

It is crucial to see a doctor when you discover that you’ve injured yourself. It is not only important to get medical care and treatment, but it’s also essential to get a copy of your injuries as well as the cost for them.

Employment Documents

You’ll need proof of your employment like earnings documents or wages. It is the State Board will need to look at this when determining the loss of earnings or any upward mobility that you may have lost because of your accident.

Document Destination

Once you have collected all the information you need You will have to send it off. It is recommended to make copies and then send the documents for the Secretary of the State Board of’ Compensation, your employer and also to the insurer of your employer.

Call An Attorney

In the process of filing for workers’ comp is not easy, however, it is vital to ensure you are protected. When you have all the necessary documents and information, you’ll be able to file for compensation to cover your medical bills as well as lost wages.

If you’ve been injured while working, calling An attorney can be the most effective option to ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to. We at Personal Injury Lawyers in Washington, would like to assist you in fighting for your rights.


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