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The treatment for addiction may not be universally applicable. Treatments can differ depending on your requirements. You may choose the option that works best for you based on the substance you’re taking, the degree of care you need, your personal mental health issues, or the treatment options you’re able to pay for. If you are struggling with addiction, the Local Rehab Centers Santa Clara can be a great place to get the help you need. Local Rehab Centers rehab center of Santa Clara offers many different Drug Rehabilitation Services according to the needs and requirements of the patients. Below are the most commonly used addiction treatments that have helped patients get on an efficient road toward recovery.


Medically-assisted detox lets you get rid of your body of harmful substances within a secure and safe environment. This is helpful because the withdrawal of substances can result in uncomfortable or even life-threatening symptoms. Because detox does not treat the underlying causes of addiction, it is usually employed in conjunction with other treatments.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Based on American Addiction Centers, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a valuable treatment tool since it is a treatment option for various types of addiction, such as however, not just alcohol addiction, food addiction, and prescription drug addiction. It is not just a way to aid you in recognizing your undesirable behavioral patterns however, it can also assist you in identifying triggers and developing coping skills. CBT is a good complement to other therapies as well.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) can help you understand your negative thoughts and give you methods to overcome feelings of self-doubt. The goal of REBT is to help you realize that the ability to think rationally lies within yourself and is not dependent on external circumstances or triggers.

Contingency Management

Contingency Management (CM) can be utilized for treating a variety of addictions including drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Treatment for contingency management helps to reinforce your positive behavior (ie staying sober) by offering tangible rewards. This kind of treatment has been utilized effectively to prevent relapse according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

12-Step Facilitation

12-step facilitation therapies (“12-step courses”) can be utilized to treat addiction issues such as alcohol and drug abuse. It’s a kind of group therapy that includes the recognition that addiction is a problem with a variety of negative consequences, including social, emotional, spiritual, and physical. The process begins with acceptance, but then shifts to giving up to an inner power source, and eventually transitions to involvement in regularly scheduled group meetings. Programs like the popular Alcoholics Anonymous use group meetings to discuss issues and provide mutual support.

Treatment using Medication

Medication can play an important role in recovery when combined with behavioral therapies. Certain medications are able to lessen cravings, enhance mood and decrease addiction-related behaviors. For instance, the FDA has recently approved lofexidine as a medication to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms in patients receiving treatment for opioid addiction. Acamprosate and other medications can reduce drinking behavior.

If you or someone close to you suffer from addiction, there is no need to battle the issue on your own. Seek help from Suboxone Doctors in Santa Clara or anywhere in United State. There are many effective treatment options offered to help get over your addiction.


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