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The first and most important thing is that HVAC is the abbreviation for heating, ventilation and cooling. The HVAC system is used to provide heating and cooling to homes as well as commercial buildings. HVAC systems can be found in any home from single-family houses to submarines, providing the necessary environmental comfort. The popularity of HVAC systems is increasing when new homes are built, HVAC systems make use of fresh air from outside to ensure excellent indoor air quality.

The HVAC V also known as ventilation is the method of replacing or exchange air in a space. This can improve the air quality inside and is the removal of smoke, moisture, smells as well as dust, heat carbon dioxide, airborne bacteria and various gases as in addition to controlling temperature and replenishing oxygen.

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What is an HVAC System Work?

The three primary roles of HVAC systems are interconnected, particularly when it comes to it comes to providing good indoor air quality as well as thermal comfort. Your air conditioning and heating system is typically among the more complex and intricate systems within your home, however when it fails, you’ll be able to tell when it’s broken! There are nine components of your HVAC system you must be aware of the air return filter, the exhaust outlets, filters and ducts, electrical components including outdoor unit coils, compressor, and blower.

Air Return

The air return will be the component of your system that is the point where you begin the cycle of ventilation. The return takes in air, then draws the air through filters and then it is pumped to the system that is in charge. The best advice is to clean your returns regularly since dust and debris could quickly build up on your filters.


Your filter is the 2nd element in the return of air which air flows through. Tips: Be sure that you replace your filters on a regular basis to ensure that your system is in good shape.

Exhaust Outlets

Another aspect of your system are the exhaust outlets, where the heat generated by the heating system is emitted. Make sure you check your chimney’s flue or vent stack every year and adjust it in the event of need.


The ducts you have are the channels through which the cool or heated air moves through. The best advice is to have your ducts cleaned each two to five years to ensure everything is in good state.

Electrical Elements

This section of your system may be a little more complicated however, most problems begin from here first. Tips: If you notice that you notice something not working, check for the possibility of a tripped breaker or dead battery inside your thermostat.

Outdoor Unit

It’s probably the component of your system you’re thinking of whenever someone talks about an HVAC device. It houses the outdoor fan, which allows air to flow. Tips: Make sure to keep your unit free of any debris and vegetation , as it could create serious issues in the event that plants are pulled into the fan.


In the outdoor unit it is accountable for changing refrigerant from liquid to gas and then sending it to the coils. A tip for you: If you notice that there is a problem with your compressor examine your compressor. It’s often the root of system problems.


Aside from the outdoor unit, the coils help to cool the air as it goes through with assistance from the refrigerant. A tip to check your coils each year. If they are frozen, you might want to examine your refrigerant and filter levels.


The blower pulls warm air to the main portion of the device. Tips: The more effectively this air flows through, the stronger your unit will be.

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What is included in an HVAC System

As we have a better understanding of HVAC refers to heating, air conditioning, and ventilation and we are aware that these are the three major components that comprise the whole system.

The heating element typically refers to a boiler or furnace. It also includes pipes for the heating fluid or duct work when you’re using forced air systems.

The ventilation component is natural or forced , and when it is forced , it is often employed for air cleansing for other reasons as well.

Many of us are aware that the third and last component that makes up an HVAC is the air conditioner, which can be described as the complete opposite to heating. The main goal of air conditioning is to take away the heat that is already present from the inside of the house.


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